Trump Responds To “Obama Judge” Who Blocked Wall Funding

By Wayne Dupree May 27th, 2019 | Image Source: Fox News

President Donald Trump on Saturday afternoon responded to a federal judge who temporarily blocked his administration on Friday from using $1 billion approved by the Pentagon to pay for parts of the border security wall.

Trump tweeted the following: “Another activist Obama-appointed judge has just ruled against us on a section of the southern wall that is already under construction. This is a ruling against border security and in favor of crime, drugs and human trafficking.”

He added, “We are asking for an expedited appeal!”

The California judge did not rule on the legality of the administration’s diversion of another $3.6 billion from military construction funds, according to ABC News.

U.S. District Judge Haywood Gilliam’s decision claimed the Trump administration tried to circumvent Congress — that was the reason for his decision to block those funds. For an added touch, he claimed Trump’s past statements helped him come to that conclusion.

So some unelected Californian judge gets to override the president and dictate policy for the entire nation just because he doesn’t like the president’s plans?

Nationwide injunctions are an abomination.

Why should district judges have authority over the powers constitutionally reserved for our actual elected officials?

Anti-American judges are sitting on the federal benches at this point in time and ruling against things that would benefit the nation. Maybe we should sue the government for allocating $150 billion annually to an illegal immigrant.

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This piece originally appeared in and is used by permission.

Author: Wayne Dupree

Source: Life Zette: Trump Responds to Obama-Appointed Judge Who Ruled Against Using Pentagon Funds for Wall

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