Trump Rips Top RINO Apart For Betraying Americans In The Worst Way Possible

President Donald Trump is now taking delight in ripping “RINO” GOP state senator Paul Boyer, who was recently forced from his re-election race for the state senate after Boyer did not stand with President Donald Trump about the results of the disputed and fraudulent 2020 presidential election. Boyer unsuccessfully attempted to stop the president of the Arizona state senate, Karen Fann, from using 2020 ballots from the county of Maricopa for the Arizona recount.

This Monday, President Donald Trump supported Anthony Kern, a Republican who was working to replace Boyer inside the state senate. President Donald Trump said: “Former Arizona State Rep. Anthony Kern has now forced RINO Paul Boyer out of the State’s Senate race. Anthony is a great fighter for Election Integrity, and will bring honesty back to our election system. He will push for America First programs, protect our gun rights, fight for stronger borders, better education, and he supports decertifying the fake 2020 Presidential Election. Anthony Kern has my total endorsement!”

Previously, President Donald Trump asked Boyer to stop the Arizona audit, with Donald Trump saying: “GOP Arizona State Senator Paul Boyer, a RINO for sure, is doing everything he can to hold up the damning Maricopa County Forensic Audit which has been happening over the past 90 days. Arizona citizens are demanding it. Boyer has only been trouble, and nobody understands why. All we want is Voter Integrity! He is being primaried by a very respected challenger, former Arizona State Congressman Anthony Kern.”

Nevertheless, Boyer, whose social media bio says “Arizona State Senator. Love Israel,” is disparaging Trump as Boyer is booted out of political relevance. Boyer said, “Electoral College loser supports another loser and January 6th rioter for public office.” Boyer has less than 6,000 Twitter followers currently.

This comes at a time when Americans are increasingly frustrated with Joe Biden and his team of far-left extremists. They are obviously angry about the election outcome and want Trump to return, if not now, due to the election being overturned, in 2024 in a landslide of epic proportions.

Author: Steven Sinclaire