Trump Slams Biden For His Embarrassing Incompetence

The 45th president of the United States has asserted the continuing situation between Ukraine and Russia wouldn’t be happening if he was still sitting in the White House today. Donald Trump has released a statement this week, saying he knows the Vladimir Putin very well and he would never have done what he is doing now during Trump’s administration.

He went on say that the sanctions the Biden administration are pushing are weak and pointing out that they will not work if Russia ends up successfully taking Ukraine. Donald Trump also pointed out that Putin is getting even richer because of increasing oil prices. On top of that, he also noted the America is no longer an energy independent nation like it was when he was president.

His remarks have come after the WH confirmed Pres. Joe Biden signed an executive order that aimed to impose costs on Vladimir Putin. The order has prohibited new investments in any of the separatist regions of Luhansk and Donetsk from the United States and has also blocked U.S. goods from going into the area.

Biden has outlined the new economic sanctions imposed against Russia during his first media briefing this week after declaring that Russia’s actions are an “invasion.” He stated his sanctions will help to cut Moscow off from any western financing, while limiting their access to global tech. This means it will no longer be able to raise money from the West and can’t trade in its new debt on the United States market or European market.

Joe Biden also said the Nord Stream 2 pipeline won’t move forward and he will put in place sanctions on the high-profile Russian families. He has accused Russia of violating the international laws and promised a unified response from the United States as well as its allies.

Biden also noted that while the United States has no intentions of fighting Russia, the U.S. will add troops that are currently in Europe to help reinforce Baltic allies. He also acknowledged that these new sanctions might result in higher prices at the gas pump for Americans and has pledged to work to help limit the financial impact of this on average families.

Meanwhile, the U.K. has also slapped sanctions on five Russian banks after Putin’s decision to send military to Eastern Ukraine. Prime Minister Boris Johnson had announced the move this week and said three wealthy people with close ties to Vladimir Putin will also face heavy sanctions.

Johnson stated the individuals’ assets will be frozen in the United Kingdom and all citizens will be barred from doing any business with the sanctioned Russian banks. The EU has also been preparing to impose sanctions against Russia to stop them from accessing additional capital and financial markets.

Author: Steven Sinclaire