Trump Slams Corrupt Officials For ‘Fishing Expedition’

President Trump says the Supreme Court should not have agreed to a “fishing expedition” by prosecutors focused on destroying him after their decision to allow the investigation of his tax returns.

“The investigation is a continuation of the biggest political Witch Hunt in our history, whether you are talking about the never ending Mueller hoax, which investigated everything that could possibly be investigated, where there was no collusion found, or two insane “Crazy Nancy” impeachment attempts where I was NOT GUILTY,” Trump wrote in a statement released Monday.

“It never ends!”

Trump first sued to protect his taxes in 2019. Monday’s ruling has now paved the way for the Manhattan DA’s office to get eight years’ worth of Trump’s tax returns and other records.

The investigation is one of two criminal investigations into President Trump, who said on Monday that Democrats were influencing the move.

“New York City has been investigating every transaction I have ever done, including demanding my tax returns, which were done by one of the top accounting firms in the country” he said.

“They should have never allowed this “fishing expedition” happen, but that’s what they did. This has never happened to a President before me, it is all Democrat-backed and in a Democratic location, New York City, which is completely controlled by an enemy of mine, Governor Cuomo. These are moves by Democrats willing to do anything to stop us from coming back.”

Cyrus Vance, the Manhattan D.A., has been examining whether President Trump or his company ever committed insurance, tax and banking fraud, among other possible crimes.

“The new problem of “headhunting” prosecutors—who go for political opponents using the law as a weapon—is a serious threat to our nation,” Trump said. “That is what they do in third world countries.”

“In the meantime, murders in New York City are sky high, and nothing is being done about it. All they think about is the persecution of myself.”

“I will fight on and despite the election crimes committed against me. We will win!”

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