Trump Vows Revenge Against Disloyal Senator

Former President Trump promised to travel to Alaska to campaign against GOP Senator Lisa Murkowski in 2022, when she goes for reelection.

Murkowski, was among seven Senate Republicans to vote against Trump during his impeachment trial.

“I will not help the failed Senator from Alaska, Lisa Murkowski, in any way. She represents her state terribly and her nation even worse. I don’t know where others will be in 2022, but I will be in Alaska working against this disloyal Senator,” Trump said.

Trump also slammed Murkowski for saying she will support Biden’s nomination of Rep. Deb Haaland (D-NM) as Secretary of the Interior. “Her agreement with radical liberal Deb Haaland for Secretary of the Interior is another example of her not standing up for the state of Alaska.”

Trump has combated Murkowski since 2018, when she did not vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh to fill a Supreme Court seat left vacant after the retirement of Justice Kennedy.

While Trump had been mostly silent since leaving office on Jan. 20, he came back into the spotlight last week, putting out several statements.

In one, Trump tried to explain why Republicans lost two elections in Georgia, leading to loss of control of the Senate.

“To clear the record, there were two reasons why the races in Georgia were lost,” Trump stated in a message through his Save America group. “First, conservatives did not go out to vote because they were disappointed and angry with Georgia Republican leadership and Governor Kemp for not standing up to Stacey Abrams and the Consent Decree that essentially eliminated signature verification requirements, and was not approved by the State Legislature.”

“Second, Senator McConnell’s refusal to go higher than $600 per person on the stimulus when the two Democrats were pushing $2,000 per person in every ad. This point was used to win the election and the $2,000 stimulus will be approved by Democrats who bought the election — and McConnell allowed them do it!”

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