Trump VS Desantis: Insiders Reveal What’s Really Going On

The U.S. is over three years away from the 2024 Presidential Election, but that has not prevented speculation about who will emerge as a top Republican contender and Florida Governor DeSantis has become the center of discussion.

This week, the Former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows stated that DeSantis will not run in 2024 if President Trump announces he wants to run again.

“I believe Gov. DeSantis is known across the nation for his courage on behalf of conservatives, and he would be the first to say President Trump would win the nomination and be the winner, and so I do not see him forcing us into a heated 2016 primary., Meadows said.

Meadows stressed that DeSantis has not yet committed to running, despite the many times he has been asked.

“His answer has always been consistent. He is seeking reelection as governor for the state that loves him and a state that is well-run due to his leadership., Meadows said.

During CPAC, a yearly meeting of conservative leaders, the organizers polled attendees and discovered that 55 percent of people voted for Trump compared to 22 percent who favored DeSantis.

At a more recent conservative summit which happened this month, DeSantis actually defeated Trump by a small margin in a survey asking people who they “approved” as the Republican candidate for 2024.

74.12 percent answered DeSantis and 71.43 percent answered Trump. However, these voters were able to choose more than just one person.

Senator Ted Cruz was third with 42.86 percent and Mike Pompeo was fourth at 39.35 percent.

DeSantis might have got a majority in one poll, however, another USA Today survey shows that Trump maintains a strong grip on the GOP and his base.

46 percent of Republicans said they would switch parties if Trump left the GOP. 60 percent favored a Trump run in 2024, 76 percent would support his nomination and 85 percent would vote for him in the final election.

Author: Blake Ambrose