Trump Was Right: Obama Exposed In International Crime Ring

According to reports from a Danish news outlet, the NSA under the Obama administration was spying on European politicians.

The investigation, called the Dunhammer Report, continued details revealed in Edward Snowden’s uncovering of the NSA’s abuses of the FISA courts to spy on citizens.

The new details show the level to which NSA surveillance was used and it is now proven that the agency spied on European leaders, including Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor. In 2013, Merkel made it certain that NSA spying would not be acceptable.

This cooperation between the Danish and American intel. agencies even increased to the point where Denmark allowed the American agency to use a base of operations on the Island of Amager. More than Germany, officials in Sweden, France, and Norway were being watched too. French President Macron responded to these reports.

“It is absolutely not acceptable for allies to do this,” he said. ,,“I care about our relationship that unites Americans and Europeans, and so we must do everything we can for our common security.”

In 2013, Obama’s spokesperson for the State Dept., Jen Psaki, said this issue would be alleged due to Snowden’s report, but withheld the Obama team’s right to confirm nor deny every report.

“More accusation will come up given the amount of information leaked by Snowden. I want to make the point that we do not have intentions to lay out further details,” she said.

The one really eye opening find is the potential dishonesty of the Obama White House as the question now is about if the spying happened after Obama promised to stop spying on allies in 2014.

It is not clear why the Obama administration felt a desire to collect information on top ranking officials of United States allies.

Author: Blake Ambrose