Trump’s Corruption Investigation Gets “Deleted” — Guess Who Pulled The Plug?

There is an increasing concern that we will have no accountability for the people who pushed the Russian collusion hoax that was the basis for a witch hunt against former President Trump.

It has now been numerous months since we got an update on the work of John Durham, the federal prosecutor tapped to get to investigate Crossfire Hurricane, the operation that caused the investigation by Robert Mueller along with a campaign to undermine an elected president and reverse the 2016 election results.

One lawmaker who is worried about the results of Durham’s probe never being revealed is Congressman Devin Nunes, the top member of the House Intel. Committee who showed his feelings that the Biden White will “bury” the report, stopping it from being given out publicly and covering the source and tracks of the people who plotted against Trump.

During his interview with Newsmax, the California GOP member said that Biden’s A.G. Merrick Garland “seems to be a puppet for the Left,” which looking at his early priorities also seem to show a man spearheading a war on political dissent.

Garland did not commit to the public release of the long-awaiting Durham report when he was asked about it by Sen. Chuck Grassley during the confirmation hearings previously this year, going around the question completely.

Since he was appointed by then-AG William Barr back in 2019, the Connecticut “bulldog” had a secretive investigation that went on long enough for Dems to retake the White House and control of the Justice Dept. to install Garland who got there with a serious revenge mindset after his nomination to the Supreme Court was stopped by Republicans.

In 2016, Garland was selected by then-President Obama to replace the conservative Justice Antonin Scalia after his unexpected death, the Republican-controlled Senate successfully prevented him from getting onto the bench and Trump would later nominate Neil Gorsuch who was then confirmed.

Congressman Nunes’ comments come after he showed optimism last month that Durham’s work might end in justice being handed out.

“I am still positive that people will go to jail, and they will be prosecuted for the Russia hoax,” he said during a podcast appearance in July.

It’s hard to imagine that Garland and Biden will ever allow the release of Durham’s investigation, especially since Obama could be implicated.

Author: Steven Sinclaire