Trump’s Private Dinner Conversations Have Democrats In a Panic

Former President Trump has supposedly told those near to him that he is intending to run for president again in 2024.

Rolling Stone reported the news and scoop, which they got from a top official within the Republican National Committee.

“I have friends who have had dinner with him in the past couple of months. All three said his current plan is to run in 2024,” the official informed Rolling Stone.

“Now, whether he does this is a different matter. We have still got three years left. But he is telling his people this.”

This supports a tweet published Friday from former Acting Director of the U.S. National Intelligence Richard Grennell where he supported the possibility.

“I talked to President Trump today and I would say he is running,” he said.

A former advisor who had dinner with him informed Rolling Stone that they are “not 100% sure Trump wants to run again, but he likes to be in the conversation, and he wants to freeze the Presidential field, and wants his name out there.”

“All the people I speak to who work with him believe he is running,” they said.

Trump supporters certainly have reason to be optimistic, except much can change before an election which is three years away.

Currently, the other contender is Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who has arguably become the face of an establishment-approved post-Trump GOP Party.

His conservative success against covid lockdowns has gotten national attention, along with his work on hot button topics like fighting critical race theory in the public sector and sending Florida police to help at America’s southern border.

In the case Trump chooses not to run, DeSantis would be leading a large field which would probably look similar to the DNC primary back in 2020.

Realistically, Donald Trump’s final choice will likely be linked to his desire to go through another election. The same goes for Biden, who is rumored to not be seeking a second term as president and Vice President Kamala Harris taking over and going for his second term in his place.

Author: Scott Dowdy