Trump’s Promise To Americans Has Democrats Quivering In Fear

Former President Donald Trump this Saturday gave a speech at a rally in Iowa, telling a large crowd of his supporters that he would “take America back.”

Though not officially revealing his 2024 presidential campaign, Donald Trump did unveil a potential slogan for his campaign to be, “Make America Great Again, Again,” according to The NYPost.

Trump also spoke about winning the state’s vote during the 2020 election and showed his support for protecting Iowa’s lead-off state spot in the presidential caucuses and primaries, according to Fox News.

“You proved why this state should continue to vote first in the country, that is right. First in the country,” he said. “It all kicked off right here and we are going to keep it here, keep Iowa number one.”

The former president then repeated his stolen election claims and then accused Democrats, whose internal divides are stopping the advancement of President Biden’s economic program, of pushing the nation to the “brink of ruin,” The NY Post reported.

“We are going to take America back,” he said.

Trump also spoke about the results of the Des Moines Register and Mediacom Iowa survey released Monday which discovered that his approval rating among Iowa citizens to be 53%.

“We are at the highest we have ever been,” he said.

A late Sept. poll by Des Moines Register and Mediacom Iowa showed just 39% of the state approves of Joe Biden’s job as the President of the United States.

This comes at a time when Joe Biden’s approval rating has plummeted thanks to his open border agenda of allowing hundreds of thousands of illegals to flood into America. With his White House doing everything it can to not only not stop the crisis, but actually allow it to happen.

Also on the radar of Americans is the economy, with increasing inflation causing more problems with households being forced to pay higher prices for gas, groceries and other essentials. As Biden falls in the polls, Donald Trump seems to be gaining as mentioned above, but with 2024 still three years away, anything can happen in such chaotic times.

Author: Scott Dowdy