Trump’s “Red Wave” Crashes Into Democrats’ Back Yard

NJ state Senate President Steve Sweeney has conceded defeat to GOP challenger and trucker Edward Durr this Wednesday.

Sweeney, a Dem representing a South Jersey district, made the announcement over the week after the November 2 election. He was holding out, despite having been projected to lose by news outlets, until final ballots were counted earlier in the week.

“All votes were fairly counted and I accept these results. I want to congratulate Mr. Durr and wish him good luck,” Sweeney said . “It was an honor to represent them in the state Senate and to serve as your state Senate president.”

Durr, who spent only $6,000 on his election, beat Sweeney by around 2,212 votes, according to voter data as reported by WPVI. Sweeney has been in District 3 of NJ since 2002 and was president of the state Senate since 2010.

After the race, Durr apologized for his previous social media comments he said came “in the heat of the moment.” Among his posts that liberals were angry about last week was one where he said, “Mohammed was a pedophile!” and “Islam is a false religion! Only fools care for Muslim teachings! It is a cult filled with hate!”

In his comments, Sweeney said some of his accomplishments, like policies that benefit the disabled community, green energy initiatives and more. Sweeney also said his defeat was partly because of the “red wave.”

Durr issued his own comment that said his differences with Sweeney were “political and not personal.”

“Now the hard work starts, the voters have made their opinions heard,” he said, according to the NJ Globe . “They do not want Governor Murphy’s vision of New Jersey being like California only on the east coast. I give them my pledge that I will fight the tyranny that is Phil Murphy starting on day one.”

He also seemed to agree with Sweeney that he was removed by a red wave and said he was helped by voters frustrated with the Dem. governor.

The NJ governor’s race was tighter than many experts expected.

After President Biden beat Trump in the state by almost 16 points in 2020, incumbent Governor Phil Murphy is projected to defeat Republican Jack Ciattarelli by only a slim 3 points.

Author: Scott Dowdy