Trump’s Trolling Turns Biden Into An Incoherent Mess

There were several weird moments on recently with President Biden, as he celebrated the 20th anniversary of 9/11, but comments he made while in Pennsylvania., suggested that his predecessor was inside his head — with lots of room.

Former President Trump had slammed Joe Biden for his terrible handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal, saying it was the “biggest embarrassment in the history of our nation.”

While speaking to reporters, Joe Biden started rambling about Donald Trump.

“This idea that, ‘What would you want to do to Joe Biden: I want to box him’ … I should get so lucky,” Joe Biden said. “But it is the sorts of things or, you know… the stuff out of the state of Florida, the stuff that is coming from — you know, if Robert E. Lee was in Afghanistan he would have succeeded. Anyway, I am saying too much.”

Donald Trump did say: “If we had Robert E. Lee to lead our troops in Afghanistan, the disaster would have been stopped in a total victory some time ago.”

The politicians lost the Afghanistan war, not the United States military. And the Civil War general had a great reputation as a genius military tactician.

As for the boxing comment, Joe Biden left out a lot of context here.

Trump and Donald Jr., were guest commentators over the weekend night for a pay-per-view match between former Evander Holyfield and former UFC fighter Vitor Belfort — it was not much of a showdown, as 58-year-old Holyfield did not last long.

Donald Trump was asked about promoting the fight who would be his boxing opponent.

“Well, if I had to chose a person, not only a pro boxer — because I will take a pass on the pro boxers, that would be a dangerous subject,” he replied. “But if I to choose, my easiest fight would of course be Joe Biden because I believe he would go down very quickly.”

Concerns about Biden’s mental decline seem to be fresh on the minds of almost everyone, outside the news cabal that essentially elected him.

Investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson gave Biden the benefit of the doubt, but it is up to him to get coherent in stating his thoughts instead of carrying on from one unformed thought to another without any context.

Author: Scott Dowdy