Tucker Carlson Now Targeted By Big Tech For Supporting Comedy

Tucker Carlson, the most popular cable news host in the United States, is among Twitter’s latest victims, as the platform cracks down on anyone who makes a joke about Rachel Levine, a Department of Health and Human Services assistant secretary under the Biden administration who identifies as a biological male.

Tucker was banned after The Babylon Bee, the editor-in-chief of the same website, and Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk all had their accounts censored for tweets that used Levine’s biological gender. Gov. Tom Wolf and Sec. of Health Dr. Rachel Levine unveiled the COVID-19 exposure notification app, called the COVID Alert PA, to assist in the battle against the virus’ spread. On Sept. 22, 2020.

Carlson posted screen captures of tweets by the Babylon Bee and Kirk, claiming that they were both “true.”

The Bee’s tweet was a joke that claimed the site’s Man of the Year award would be going to Rachel Levine—a shot at USA Today for selecting Levine as one of their Woman of the Year.

“Rachel” Levine lived for 52 years as a man, complete with a wife and kid, according to Kirk. He also asked why more feminists had not protested the USA Today decision.

Tucker was also silenced by Twitter for merely stating that the tweets were true. Because the statement “violates Twitter rules against hateful behavior”

The Babylon Bee has been told that it must delete its tweet referring to Levine as a man before its account may be restored and allowed to tweet again. The site’s CEO, Seth Dillon, stated he intended to fight the suspension rather than comply with Twitter’s demands.

Kyle Man, the editor-in-chief of the Babylon Bee, was also banned by Twitter after mocking the far-left company’s censorship. Mann tweeted that perhaps the Bee will be permitted to tweet again “if we put  several thousand Uighurs in a concentration camp,” as authorities in China are still permitted to tweet.

Author: Steven Sinclaire