Tucker Carlson Responds To Never-Trumpers Fuming Over His New January 6th Documentary

We reported yesterday that two people in the the Never Trumper brigade – Jonah Goldberg and Stephen Hayes – has officially resigned as Fox News contributors for Tucker Carlson’s brand new January 6th special.

Perhaps among the funniest things that people have said about this news was that they did not even know the two men were still on Fox News, which only reveals how much anybody paid any attention to them.

As we said, according to Hayes, he said that the special would “cause violence. Not sure how we can stick around,” he said in reply to Goldberg stating that he was “tempted to quit the Fox network over this.”

So they did, and showcased their decision to The NY Times.

Now, that says a lot about Goldberg and Hayes, who like to market themselves as conservative but then go to the NY Times, and who seem to have more problems with Fox News than with the liberal news media that has lied for many years.

But it just reveals that they fit in more with far-left Democrats, who have a hard time dealing with opinions other than theirs. They spoke about Tucker’s January 6th special on The Dispatch stating it boosts conspiracies but then failed to show even one clear problem with the report.

Hayes and Goldberg certainly have an inflated idea of their self-importance – a character trait that many Never Trumpers share. People like Jen Rubin, Bill Kristol, and Rick Wilson. And like most Never Trumpers, the only individuals who seem to award them any time of day are Democrats. I previously said there was infighting between those at the Bulwark and Goldberg himself because he spoke about them being obsessed with Donald Trump. But as we can see now with Goldberg’s reply, he is essentially guilty of this same thing.

Tucker Carlson’s reaction to all of this is brilliant. He must have been really been broken up by their huge announcement, right? Well, not exactly. It really is priceless and pure Tucker genius.

And that is why his show has the highest ratings on cable television while Hayes and Goldberg are gone.

Author: Scott Dowdy