Tulsi Gabbard Sends Mitt Romney A Surprise He Will Never Forget

Tulsi Gabbard and Tucker Carlson have been among the figures who have expressed worries that we may get further involved in the fighting in Europe. It’s a good idea to be concerned about it, and you can do so while also fully condemning the invasion of Ukraine, as both Carlson and Gabbard did.

Now, I might not agree with every view shared by Carlson or Gabbard, yet raising concerns about further involvement does not make them Russian assets. That has not stopped leftists from going after them, though.

Mitt Romney (RINO-UT) called Gabbard a Russian asset, while disgraceful media figure Keith Olbermann outright accused her of being a proxy for the Kremlin.

“They are assets of Russia, and there’s a war going on. They may need to be physically detained. Trials are an indication of patience and good faith on the part of democracy.”

That is, of course, absurd. It may be due to the numerous batty takes on the biolabs issue that I previously discussed.

When Mitt Romney (RINO-UT) verbally attacked Tulsi Gabbard for what she said about biolabs in Ukraine, calling her treasonable. Gabbard schooled him in response. He doesn’t understand that treason is a very precise, legal term that does not apply and should never be thrown about lightly, but he’s ignoring the fact. That’s not really a conspiracy theory. Victoria Nuland stated in March that they were in Ukraine and were worried about what would happen if the Russians got hold of them. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) responded, saying that if there was any dissemination or attack, it would be blamed on Russia.

Tulsi Gabbard has returned fire, and she’s not taking it lying down. Her attorney Harmeet Dhillon has sent cease and desist letters to both Olbermann and Romney for implying or outright stating that she is a Russian spy, and she’ll sue them if they don’t stop.

Here’s what Dhillon told Romney:

“On March 13, 2022, you tweeted the following: “Tulsi Gabbard is retreading Russian disinformation. Her treasonous lies may result in people’s deaths.” Your tweet lacked any surrounding context and wasn’t part of a larger conversation. Your assertion that Representative Tulsi Gabbard, current military officer and a combat veteran, has committed treasonous actions is entirely untrue; you were fully aware of this fact when you made your statement. Furthermore, as demonstrated below, your charge that Representative Gabbard lied lacks any foundation in reality.”

“Whether your baseless accusations originated with Representative Tulsi Gabbard’s March 13, 2022, video or are the product of some other unknown source, they were malicious and couldn’t be farther from reality. Rep. Gabbard is a loyal American who supports the country’s interests. Furthermore, any notion that she supports Russia’s involvement in Ukraine is devoid of basis in fact. Vladimir Putin has been unequivocally condemned by Rep. Gabbard for his attack on Ukraine. She has personally visited Ukraine and feels great love, compassion, and empathy for both its people and their nation.”

“Your allegation of treason, on the other hand, goes way beyond the bounds of free speech and decent behavior. It is a defamatory statement.”

“As a result of your activities described above, you are subject to Representative Gabbard’s lawsuit for defamation per se.”

Dhillon also threatened legal action against Olbermann, asserting that his statements were defamation.

Gabbard’s action is a good one. Both Romney and Olbermann must be held accountable for their defamatory conduct, and maybe they’ll have second thoughts about doing so in the future.

Author: Scott Dowdy