TX Brings In The Big Guns To Defy Biden — Literally

GOP Governor Greg Abbott has said Texas will deploy National Guard troops to fight the crisis at the southern border.

“Today we started Operation Lone Star to solve the border crisis,” Abbott said this Saturday. “It deploys the National Guard, DPS Officers and tactical border assets to stop cartels from moving drugs and people into the state of Texas.”

The operation will “combat the smuggling of drugs and people into Texas,” which Abbott says is a problem that has been made worse by the Biden White House.

“The crisis at our border keeps escalating because of Biden’s policies that do not secure the border and instead invites illegal immigration,” said Abbott. “We support legal immigration but will not go along with the open border policy that caused this crisis and is endangering the lives of Texans. We will increase the resources and personnel needed to face this crisis.”

Border patrol officials are expecting 117,000 children to reach the border in 2021.

The Biden White House last week denied the border was experiencing a crisis, with Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas saying the situation was a “challenge.”

“The people of the DHS are working to guarantee we don’t have a crisis at the border — that we meet the challenge, as acute as it might be,” Mayorkas said.

And just last week, Biden asked senior leaders to go to the border to see for themselves the state of things, then brief him on the matter.

“Biden has requested senior members travel to the border to give him a full briefing on the government response to the increase in unaccompanied minors and assess more steps that should be taken to guarantee the safety of these minors,” White House spokesman Vedant Patel stated.

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