Ukraine Leaders Exposed For Being Complete Monsters, Worse Than Putin


Illia Kyva, Ukrainian Member of Parliament, is speaking out against using civilians as “human shields” which is Ukrainian Pres. Volodymyr Zelensky’s alleged military strategy.Kyva said these are “fascist tactics” and has to be condemned. The Western Media is completely silent,  and would rather boost obvious hoaxes instead of actually investigating these horrifying allegations.

Footage of these alleged “fascist” policies conducted by the Ukraine government can be seen here:

There are similar claims being made by the Russian government, saying that Western media is drastically misrepresenting the nature of the conflict.

“Once again, I want to make it clear that the Russian Federation military strikes only at military targets. The population of civilians are not in any danger,” Igor Konashenkov, Russian defense spokesman said.

“The Ukraine leaders and city authorities, decared a curfew, and are encouraging the residents to remain in their homes. This again shows that the Kyiv regime is using the residents of the city as a “human shield” for nationalists who have sent military equipment and artillery units into residential parts of the capital,” Konashenkov added.

It was reported that the globalists are all backing Ukraine as they view this as a huge proxy war to hurt their enemy, Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin:

George Soros, Globalist Billionaire, has proclaimed his backing of Ukraine in the recent Russian-Ukrainian dispute that has shocked the world during the past few days.

Soros posted a mini essay on his personal website expressing his complete dedication to the post-Soviet country and his disavowal of Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin.

Soros interfering with the business of sovereign country’s is not something new, and he has become kind of a celebrity on our site over the years, with a huge amount of articles telling the details of his cruel actions around the world.

More recently in the U. S., there has been reports on many of Soros operations, including his recent $125 million donation to the Dems. and his attempts to defund the police.

It is very hard to ascertain the truth of what is really going on in Ukraine. However, the Western version, that the extremely corrupt puppet gov. put via color revolution coup that an actor led are the heroes in this situation is very dubious.


Author: Steven Sinclaire