Ukraine’s Biggest Supporter Turns Out To Be America’s Top Enemy


Globalist Billionaire George Soros has said he supports Ukraine in the new Russian-Ukrainian war that has been made into a media sensation over the previous several days.

On his website, Soros posted a small essay stressing his complete dedication to the post-Soviet country and his disavowal of Vladimir Putin.

Soros interfering with other nations is not new, and he has become a celebrity with his extensive amount of articles revealing the cruel deeds going on in the world.

More recently in the U.S., we have reported on multiple Soros agendas, including his new $125 million donation to the Dems and his efforts to defund American police.

So why is Soros so focused on Ukraine?

Of course he can hide his true intentions by saying he wants Ukraine to fight the invading Russian force and that he is simply working for democracy or whatever, but it is always a lot deeper than this.

Soros is the very definition of a globalist and the idea of a prideful nation angers him. Ever since the Color Revolution happened in Ukraine, the nation has hinted at its plans to globalize.

Under President Zelensky, these have accelerated, with Zelensky publicly revealing his support for Ukraine’s entry into the EU and Nato.

Russia is the complete opposite. After Vladimir Putin was elected, this process went in reverse, with Russia re-nationalizing most of its industry and making the country more independent.

Accounting for these different trends, it is a lot easier to see now why Soros and Putin would be fighting and it certainly is not the first time either. In 2000’s, Soros paid for Mikheil Saakashvili, an anti-Putin Georgian politician, and his coup attempt on the established Georgian government.

This coup worked, and Saakashvili then led Georgia against Russia in the 2008 Russo-Georgian conflict. He then, after leaving office, traveled to Ukraine to take part in the Euromaidan coup against the legitimate Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych.

Clearly, these events are in a single web. The web is not always easy to follow, but all the connections are there.

Soros’ next move is unknown. Typically, the billionaire does not simply voice his support for a cause, he uses his huge wealth to enact his anti-white agenda upon the world.


Author: Scott Dowdy