Uncovered Video Exposes Biden’s Communist Plans For America

In a pair of recently found videos published online, President Biden’s Treasury Department nominee admitted she wants to “bankrupt” the oil and gas industry to save the climate.

Saule Omarova — Joe Biden’s nominee to spearhead the Comptroller Office of the Currency — already has an uphill battle toward confirmation given the Marxist paper she penned in college and her previous support for radical initiatives like the National Investment Authority proposal, the Washington Free Beacon said.

Now her resurfaced remarks about bankrupting the fossil fuel sector can only further hurt her approval prospects.

What exactly did she say?

“Here is what I am thinking about is mostly the oil, coal and gas industry. Many smaller players in the industry will go bankrupt very fast, at least we want them to if we want to deal with climate change,” Omarova said in one video from March.

The footage, which reveals Omorova talking during the “Social Wealth Seminar” series, was reportedly found by the Foundation for American Accountability, a conservative group.

In another video from May, the nominee went more into her goals of financing green projects by diverting money away from the gas and oil industry.

“The way we basically remove those carbon financers is to starve them of capital,” she said during a virtual roundtable on “decarbonization and investment,” which was hosted by the Jain Family Institute.

The unearthed footage is terrible news for Biden’s chances of getting Omorova confirmed.

With all 50 GOP members expected to be against her nomination, the 55-year-old professor requires unanimous support from Dems. But Axios has reported that at least three Democrats — Senators Jon Tester (Mont.), Kyrsten Sinema (Ariz.), and Joe Manchin (W.Va.) — have had concerns about her nomination.

AAF founder Thomas Jones stated that, “I just do not understand how the Biden White House will explain this to the Joe Manchins of the party, that she would like to bankrupt employers who write the paychecks of a significant amount of their constituents.”

“In the end, these people are going to lose their income because she wants to support policies that will drive them out of work,” he said.

Author: Steven Sinclaire