United Nations Stuns The World With New Coronavirus Rules

The U.N. General Assembly will ignore covid-19 vaccine requirements for those who attend next week’s meeting in New York, going around the NYC rules for public gatherings and convention centers.

Premiers, presidents, dignitaries, monarchs, diplomats and their traveling staff have been informed by the organizers they do not have to show vaccination passports or other inoculation proof on their arrival at U.N. headquarters in Manhattan.

Instead they and their staff will be ushered through and given admission free from any checks with over 100 heads of government and more than 20 foreign ministers planned to speak in person.

An honor system, which means dignitaries will not be forced to show vaccination proof since they will simply attest to it by using their ID badges at the assembly hall.

The freedom from regulation comes after a precedent which was set at the G7 meeting in the United Kingdom earlier this year.

The choice to ignore the rules as given to the public in New York City came after Russia challenged a previous proof of vaccination on the grounds it broke personal liberties.

“We strongly object that only those with proof of vaccination should get admitted to the hall,” Russia’s ambassador Vassily Nebenzia said in protest to U.N. leaders.

He said it was “a clear discriminatory rule,” saying that preventing delegates from accessing the hall was a “blunt violation of the United Nations charter.”

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro for one is not vaccinated and restated Thursday he does not plan to get the covid-19 shot, the AP has reported.

“Why take the vaccine? To get antibodies, right? My antibody levels are very high,” Bolsonaro said during a live broadcast this Thursday night. “After everyone in Brazil is vaccinated, I will decide.”

The AP report said a message sent to NY Mayor Bill de Blasio’s team was not immediately returned. He has previously said that the city’s goal is to protect both attendees at the U.N. and New Yorker citizens from coronavirus.

U.S. President Biden is also on the U.N. speaker list.

The leaders of India, Japan, and the UK will also be at United Nations headquarters to give their country’s speech to the large 193-member filled assembly, along with Israel’s new PM Naftali Bennett and Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas.

Another 23 foreign ministers are planned to speak there in person too, according to the list obtained by AP.

Author: Steven Sinclaire