Veterans Just Got Life-Changing Gift From President Trump — Media Silent On This One

By Adam Casalino June 18, 2020 | Image Source : Patriot Journal

President Trump has made veteran care a top priority of his administration.

His work has confronted years of neglect and abuse at the VA.

Today, he has laid out a roadmap to take care of veterans who suffering from not only physical problems but mental and emotional ones:

President Trump will lay out a “road map” for preventing suicide among American veterans during a White House address on Wednesday.

The road map calls for 10 recommendations, including a national public health messaging campaign around suicide, changes to how research on veteran suicide is conducted and suicide prevention training across professions, according to senior administration officials.

Why it matters:

For years, critics of the VA have pointed to deplorable conditions at veteran hospitals. Reports frequently exposed the waste and corruption within a group dedicated to aiding veterans.

This left a significant gap in care for those return from war—who are often in need of medical, mental, and emotional support.

Donald Trump’s administration has been bringing reform to the VA since the beginning of his first term. Much has been done to clean up the VA, including the removal of hundreds of staffers accused of corruption and neglect.

His latest move will address a dire need among veterans. Trump’s roadmap will provide ten recommendations, including raising awareness of this problem and changes on research on how to prevent suicides among veterans.

Key Takeaways:
President Trump is announcing a plan to battle suicide among veterans.
His administration already brought reform to the VA and increased medical options for veterans.
He is laying out a roadmap that can provide aid and help for those struggling.

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: Trump Just Unveiled The PREVENTS Task Force – Donald Is Standing Up For American Veterans In Need

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