[Video] Kamala Harris Makes Bizarre Child-Like Voice

In October, a contender for 2021’s most cringe-inducing video was released, featuring Kamala Harris as VP of the United States in front of young kids and performing at NASA’s behest as chair of the National Space Council while enthusiastically discussing space exploration and science in a voice that made her sound more like an animated character from a Disney movie than the vice president.

The news that several of the youngsters in the video were actual child actors who auditioned for their roles caused additional embarrassment.

The video backfired dramatically, and as I noted at the time, it was a failed effort by the Biden White House to make Harris seem genuine. She’s struggled with it throughout her political career, according to current and former officials.

After that cringe-worthy clip went viral, many people believed the days of Harris speaking in an infantile tone were over. However, Twitter users began spotting parts of her visit this week to California’s Vandenberg Space Force Base, which had gone viral.

According to the Santa Maria Times, during her speech, she “expressed the significance of the American space strategy and outlined new standards for other nations in space.” Unfortunately, though, she spoke to some 200 or so members of the US military in a tone that was eerily similar to what she used in the NASA video:

“I believe that everyone here understands how remarkable space is. Whether it’s satellites circling the Earth, people walking on the Moon, or telescopes peering into the farthest reaches of the universe, space is fascinating. It piques our interests and encourages us to ask big questions.” 

It doesn’t do the video justice. The October disaster is compared to the current situation in order to bring out its significance:

Over and over again, I’ve stated that Kamala Harris is simply not good at what she does. She isn’t competent in any area of her job, including being put in charge of finding “root causes” for the border crisis, traveling to Europe to emphasize the United States’ support for “peace,” talking on behalf of the administration during interviews or becoming an honorary chairmanship with the National Space Council.

Author: Scott Dowdy