Video: Tucker Carlson Decimates Lindsey Graham With The Embarrassing Truth On Russia


The host of Fox News Tucker Carlson destroyed Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham (SC) about his terrible foreign policy history and his being excessive bias about the Russia/Ukraine conflict.

“It is a little irritating to be lectured by those with incredibly high Congressional pensions about sacrifices to make, but it is especially displeasing to hear the guy that was talking about  prices of food that has not missed many meals lately tell you that by looking at history, you will have all the information you need to know about the future. What kind of history are we talking about?” Carlson asked.

Carlson talked about the demeaning disastrous loss in Afghanistan so that he could discredit Graham’s foreign policy of intervention and war.

“Did Lindsey Graham, who allegedly cares about the military, do one thing to make it better? Did he ask for a resignation from any person that was responsible for that embarrassing disaster that caused the deaths of American citizens? No, he did not. And now the same people are in charge of our plan of action in Ukraine,” he said.

Carlson said that the foreign policy establishment that is coming together around Ukraine and has agitated Russia for years is wrong about everything.

“But the biggest question to really ask Lindsey Graham is – When is the last time that he has done  anything, even one thing, to make life better for any American citizen except for himself?” Carlson asked.

The entire clip can be seen here:

It has been reported that Pres. Trump has turned on Graham for his numerous RINO positions on the issues:

Pres. Donald Trump fired back at Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham during his interview with NewsMax this week.

Graham has recently been on the fake news and given a lot of terrible opinions, from agreeing with Pres. Biden’s affirmative action decision for the Supreme Court to agreeing with the unusual and cruel  detention of the Jan. 6 protesters. Trump has now had enough of this southern dainty neocon.

“Lindsey Graham is wrong. I mean, he is a nice person, but he is a RINO. Lindsey is wrong,” former Pres. Trump said prior to discussing the nationwide terror from ANTIFA and BLM that was allowed with almost total immunity.

“Do not forget that except for one fine, young woman, nobody lost their life on Jan. 6… The one woman who died was named Ashli Babbitt, she was murdered by a heartless man that should never have used his gun. She was killed, and I believe it is a disgrace,” he said.

“What they did to patriots, they are policeman or soldiers, and what they did to them, compared to the other side. You know, you must have justice that is equal, and this is not equal. So I would for sure be ready [to pardon protesters of Jan. 6], and Lindsey Graham doesn’t know what he is talking about,” Trump said.“

Carlson is leading the conservative grassroots in the right direction. Lindsey Graham is the worst that the GOP can offer.


Author: Scott Dowdy