Voters Turn On Biden With Hilarious New Message

During an interview with CNN, Minnesota citizen Ben Calvert highlighted the many promises President Biden made during his campaign that have not been fulfilled.

“They’re putting the stimulus aside, they’re putting minimum wages aside, and bombing Syria, and those bombs are sort of expensive for a man who owes me 2,000 dollars,” Calvert said.

The first weeks of Biden’s administration have been a wake-up call for his voters as the euphoria has vanished as Biden’s broken promises continue to increase.

Pro-life Evangelicals for Biden have also said they feel used because of the 1.9 trillion relief bill not including the Hyde Amendment, which would ban taxpayer funds being used for abortions.

“The evangelical community supported President Biden with the belief there would be discussions with us on abortion and especially the Hyde Amendment,” the group said. “The Biden White House wanted to discuss things with us during the campaign to get our support, and we gave it if there would be dialogue and common solutions on the topic of abortion.”

But now the group says they have had no discussion with Biden’s Administration since the campaign.

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