Washington Insiders Leak Plans For WWIII

Henry Kissinger, the Former Secretary of State who once pushed to bring China into the global economy to allegedly “spread democracy,” now says there is a potential for nuclear and cyber war between the two powers.

“This is the first time in history that we have the ability to destroy ourselves in a small period of time,” Kissinger said to former Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman, Conn., at the Sedona Forum. “We have created the technology that is beyond what anyone imagined just 70 years ago.”

“And now we have the high tech issue, which with the area of AI, is based on the idea that humans become a partner to machines and that these machines can form their own judgment.”

“So during a conflict between high-tech nations, it is of colossal significance.”

After the Trump White House pressed China on its trade and human rights abuses, the Biden team wants to balance its desire for democracy with the threat of greater tensions with China, which Kissinger says is “the most severe problem” for the word.

“If we cannot solve that, then we risk a new kind of cold war between the U.S. and China,” Kissinger said.

The difference between this new Cold War and the last one is that the Soviet Union pales in contrast to China, because China has economic power.

“The Soviet Union did not have economic capacity,” he said. “They had technological and military capacity.”

“They did not have technological capacity as much as China. And China is a large economic power in addition to being a military power.”

Kissinger stated that U.S. policy toward China must have a 2-pronged strategy: staying firm on US principles get China’s respect, while keeping a dialogue and finding places where the two nations can cooperate.

“This is a complicated task,” he said, admitting, “no one has succeeded in this completely.”

Author: Blake Ambrose