Watch: AOC Caught On Tape Doing Something Deplorable

Progressive Dem Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was recently caught using a mask just for the purposes of taking a photo on Capitol Hill.

The lawmaker was at a demonstration which called for the national eviction moratorium to be prolonged when a Breitbart reporter filmed her performing the stupid political stunt.

Based on the video of the incident which was published to Twitter, AOC was mingling in a crowd of individuals without using a mask both before and after photos were taken. Breitbart News broke the news that the Democrat was maskless for the 45 minutes leading up to the photo op.

But when one protester said to the group that a photo would “keep the pressure up” and encourage other people to join, AOC pulled a mask out and placed it over her face.

According to news outlet Post Millennial, only moments after the pictures were taken, the lawmaker proceeded to remove her mask and keep talking to the people around her.

“Housing is a human right!” the group shouted during the photo op.

Democrat Senator Ed Markey (Mass.) also put on a blue mask for the occasion of being photographed only to yank his mask off after the photos were done. You can see him sitting in front of AOC in the video.

Dem socialist Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and liberal Congresswoman Cori Bush (D-Mo.) were also there at the demonstration.

Neither D.C., law nor current CDC guidelines require those who are vaccinated to use a mask when outdoors and, based on the video, virtually no one around AOC was using a mask.

But that did not stop the Democrat from choosing to pull a fast one on Americans, faking her personal mask adherence, perhaps wanting to “show” the importance of staying steadfastly fearful amid the pandemic. Unfortunately for her, the video only subverts her political nonsense.

“Is there anything about this digbat [sic] @AOC that is not contrived?” asked one person on Twitter. “It is all theater!” another said.

And yet another said, “How can we take the mask seriously when our ‘leaders’ show that it is only for show?”

Author: Steven Sinclaire