Watch: AOC’s New Book Triggers This Hilarious Tucker Carlson Segment

A new book about far-left lunatic AOC, which is called “The Unprecedented AOC,” is clearly so far above parody that Tucker Carlson has now felt compelled to spend his opening monologue to sum up the craziness within what he says is “a book-length suck-up to AOC.”

And naturally, Ocasio-Cortez went to Twitter to fire back.

Carlson’s biting and hilarious commentary shined the light of reality on the most sycophantic and just plain ridiculous ever for the woman called AOC.

To highlight this absurdity, Carlson had a senior producer on his show read some of the passages.

One passage says: “To say she is feminist is putting it lightly. Ocasio-Cortez is the first politician in history to live completely out loud while female. And any degradations of anyone’s womanhood are personal to her.”

Carlson said, “Nobody has done more to degrade womanhood than she has. She is actually living proof that the decades long feminist liberation didn’t work. Sandy Cortez isn’t empowered. She is silly and neurotic.”

He played a part of her recent makeup tutorial that she made for Vogue magazine.

“As a woman of color,” she said, while also rolling her eyes at the unfairness this, “it is so hard to be taken seriously. … People diminish me, my voice, as frivolous, young and unintelligent.”

Regarding her woman of color comment, Carlson said, “No one dares to challenge this description, but every honest person understands it is absurd. There is no outside of newsrooms and American colleges, where Sandy Cortez would be called a ‘woman of color.’

“Because she’s not. She is a rich, entitled lady. She is the obnoxious person who orders you to pull up your mask as you are standing in line.”

“They are all the same. Doesn’t matter what color they are,” he said.

Carlson said: “The editors of NY magazine spend the whole book pretending that she has just come from some slum in Rio to save the poor people of the world. Reading it, you would have no clue she was a member of the elite. You would think she was St. Francis.”

Author: Blake Ambrose