Watch: Biden Caught In Creepy Act Against a Child

Biden had an event at the White House Garden this Thursday to honor the Capitol and Metropolitan Police who were involved in guarding the Capitol during the January 6 protest and riot.

So Biden is speaking about America’s Constitution although just recently he basically admitted he did not care a bit about it, saying that his White House was issuing a fresh eviction moratorium to get more time, knowing it was almost surely to be ruled unconstitutional. He made an oath to protect America’s Constitution but he just tossed that away.

It was a weird meet where only children seemed to be using masks.

But that was not the only segment that was weird. Joe was at it again with small girls and his hair sniffing.

Biden was putting his signature on the document honoring the police officers when he begins staring at something. It becomes obvious it’s a small girl after he motions for her to join him at the table pulls her onto his lap. He leans over and put his nose into her hair. She looks uncomfortable and moves back.

This looks way more than just creepy.

What is the issue with this guy? He has been told to stop with this behaviour; he even delivered a big speech saying that he now “got it.” Yet, he is still not understanding. And it’s just completely wrong and disgusting when he’s pulling a small child into his lap and forcing his nose into her hair.

This is not even the first event when he has done this. Just a some months ago, back in May, he made very creepy remarks to a small girl who was around six years old. He told her, “I love those hair barrettes. Man, she looks like she is 19 sitting like that with her legs crossed.”

That was beyond strange, and no, she seemed like she was only six years old to any normal human being. How messed up is it to speak to a six-year-old girl like that?

Before he was President or even VP there were all sorts of videos and photos that raised more concerns about his weird behavior with kids. There was also the famous “Corn Pop” speech that featured his story of meeting a razor-armed gangbanger, but also had this segment where Biden discussed how small kids liked to play with his hairy legs.

Author: Steven Sinclaire