Watch: Biden Has a Nervous Breakdown Over Election Security

Biden gave a speech today about “voter suppression” that is potentially one his most dishonest and vitriolic rants yet.

Unlike his previous speeches, the story was not Biden’s brain goin haywire as he tried to read the teleprompter.

The basis of his speech was the idea that conservatives are attempting to prevent minorities from voting by having standards for election systems within their states.

Texas is especially in the crosshairs for daring to try to outlaw ballot harvesting and no-request absentee ballots. Texas Democrats have even tried to leave the state to deny the GOP majority a quorum to pass the bill.

Now, let’s get to the nitty gritty. Warning: this might make you want to thumb your eyes out.

Of note is that Biden is using Nazi propagandist by using the phrase “big lie” to attack Republicans who have issues with the 2020 election. Yet, despite this phrase’s murderous past, the president has no problem repeating it over and over.

Biden also included many ludicrous assertions.

There is no evidence of any of that at all. To the extent there are protections being established in some states to stop voter fraud, they apply to all Americans equally. Nothing about these rules target black people more than others. Democrats are saying this because they have no arguments against these election security bills. Voter ID is not racist in other words.

When Biden speaks about “getting ballots,” what he is complaining about is Texas not accepting third-party groups sending out absentee ballots to people who didn’t ask for them. There is no reason that this is being done, and doing so is a corruption breeding ground for harvesting as we have seen in California.

The lies kept coming.

Jim Crow laws stopped a certain race from voting, directly. There is no comparison between voter id laws for everyone and Jim Crow laws.

The fact that Biden keeps making this comparison is disgusting. Yet, the media won’t talk about it at all. We all understand why, but it does not make it any less enraging. When Biden states this crap, it’s a slap to everyone who faced real oppression. Removing drive-through voting is not Jim Crow. Voter ID isn’t racist.

Biden was not done, however. Eventually, he went totally nuts.

Author: Blake Ambrose