Watch: Biden Has Complete Meltdown On Live TV

There’s a reason they kept Joe Biden hidden in his basement for such a long time. Every time they allow him to venture out and allow him to speak for any normal amount of time, trouble happens.

I don’t know who allowed him to go on a CNN town hall. Maybe they believed that CNN would be easy and give the president softballs. Doubtless, that is probably right. But it still does not stop Biden’s brain from breaking and going haywire yet again.

This is simply a mess, as Biden struggles to get a coherent thought out among the jumble of words that flow out. What the hell is he even saying here?

Zach Parkinson was brave. He was able to transcribed some of that.

I believe Biden was speaking about trusting people and convincing people to get the vaccine. But it gets very weird when he begins speaking about the “man in the moon” and even “aliens.”

Then he says, even with all the evidence, that his huge spending bills will lower inflation. But a tip for Biden: You don’t fix inflation by spending more money which is essentially what you are saying. That goes against all common sense. Notice how he also accidentally admits that Americans are not returning to work and prices were going up due to the unemployment funds he gave.

He is going to murder the economy even more, when President Trump had it roaring back before Biden came along.

Biden keeps saying there are no economists who believe there will be a long-term issue with inflation. Here he says that Larry Summers agrees there is not a concern. Yet Summers revealed in fact, there was cause to be worried about inflation.

The world is wondering about America, after seeing Biden’s incoherent mental state during the G7. Unfortunately, that is not good for the world that we are in this condition and of course it is terrible for us. Notice how he actually praises Xi, who Biden just said was guilty of cyber attacks on the United States, but refused to force any sanctions on them.

Author: Steven Sinclaire