[Watch] Biden’s Most Embarrassing Moment Breaks The Worldwide Web

So much for climate change being the “greatest threat” to humanity – as President Biden previously warned American military members only months ago. Here is what he said back in June…

“Y’know when I was inside the Pentagon, and I was first elected VP with President Obama, the military let everyone know what the biggest threats facing America are, the greatest physical threats.”

“This is no joke. You know what the Joint Chiefs said was the greatest threat to America was?”

“Global warming,” President Biden said.

Today, Biden was caught dozing off during the starting speeches of the 2021 UN Climate Change Conference in Scotland – an event widely said the be humanity’s “last best chance” to reign in the horrible specter of incoming global warming “disaster.”

The video reveals an apparently unimpressed and sleepy American president trying to initially fight back the urge to sleep before succumbing to it completely – after which one of his aides has to come prompt him to wake up – this video has gone viral after being shared by Zach Purser Brown from The Washington Post.

The question should be asked: does this president or the administration really believe in its public apocalyptic climate rhetoric? The body language seems to say no….

It must have been really warm in that assembly room.

Fox News stresses that Biden could have inadvertently “spoke” for most people:

Former President Donald Trump has long said that his political competitor was “Sleepy Joe” and Monday’s footage presumably will not help this nickname go away. However, many people joked that Biden sleeping during the global warming conference was the most relatable thing he has done as president.

The co-founder of the Federalist, Sean Davis, replied, “Can anyone blame him?”

As we have previously said, the idea that anything “meaningful” will really happen at this summit is almost laughable. The developed countries of the world have not even managed to reach their targets from the last climate meeting in 2015, when the Paris Accords were agreed to.

Surprisingly, even MSNBC spoke about the “embarrassing situation.” The network’s correspondent said in a segment mentioned the moment Biden was caught sleeping:

“Cameras caught President Joe Biden who turns 79 soon with his eyes closed for some time. These can be embarrassing events – you have the contrast of leaders calling for urgency on these topics, and a moment like that this in session can be a political obstacle.”

Author: Blake Ambrose