Watch Marjorie Taylor Greene Absolutely Wreck Pelosi

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted a video of her shredding a written warning she got from Nancy Pelosi.

“You cannot discriminate against people because they don’t wear a mask,” Greene said in her video. “Today, I refused to put on a mask, and I got a warning from the Speaker that eventually leads to fines if I keep refusing to put on a mask.”

“Here’s what I think of your warning, Pelosi,” Greene said before sending the piece of paper into a shredder.

The video comes after Pelosi did not lift the mask mandate on the House floor, despite updated CDC guidance that people who are vaccinated do not need to wear masks in most situations, including being indoors. That guidance caused the Senate to stop their mask mandates, but Pelosi refused to budge on the order in the House as she keeps pushing lawmakers to get vaccinated.

But GOP members have argued that Pelosi is no longer listening to the science, leading to a tense standoff over masks.

“If Minority Leader McCarthy wants to be in the House and be maskless, he better work on vaccinating his Members,” a spokesperson for Pelosi said.

Greene was not alone in protesting Pelosi’s rules. Congressman Thomas Massie, who announced that lawmakers have “had enough” also joined in.

“We have had enough. We are not wearing our masks during this session regardless of Pelosi’s threat to fine us. Her rule is not founded on science,” Massie said.

Like Greene, Massie later published a photo showing that he had thrown his warning into the trash.

Author: Blake Ambrose