Watch This Black Republican Epically Troll Democrats

Democratic Congressman Steve Cohen hit his gavel hard after GOP North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson said that Democrats need to “stop using me as a black man as your pawn” to push their liberal narrative about voting.

“We want the best election system on the planet. Third-world nations like India, where the poverty rate is overwhelming, they must show their finger when they vote., Robinson said during a hearing on voting rights.

“It’s time we modernize our elections and stop playing racial games. And do stop using me as a black man push your agenda. I am sick of it., he said.

A man is then heard saying, “his time has expired.”

“Mr. Chairman., Congressman Chip Roy says repeatedly to Cohen in an effort to insert information into the record. Cohen responded by hitting his gavel down and then activating his microphone.

“So the chairman does not want us to insert things into the record?” someone is heard saying in the background.

“Maybe in a few moments, but not yet., Cohen said.

The chaotic exchange came after Roy asked Robinson: “If you can help me, were the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments passed by Democrats or Republicans?”

“Republicans., Robinson said.

“Was the move for the Civil Rights Act led by Democrats or Republicans?” Roy asked.

“The answer would be Republicans., Robinson said.

“And so we are accused of wanting to perpetuate Jim Crow laws. When, in fact, we are trying to perpetuate laws that we can believe in., Roy said.

Author: Blake Ambrose

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