Watch: Tucker Carlson Reveals The Next Horrifying Step In Globalism

Fox News conservative host Tucker Carlson said this week that there will be “no limits” to the anti-white globalist dictatorship that is coming into focus if Americans accept the COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

“In a time of centralized surveillance and mass conformity and that is exactly the nation we are living in right now, there are not many limits about where it could go. If they are able to force you to take a vaccine that you do not need, what else can they do?” Carlson said.

“Could they force you to take a psychiatric drug if you are disobedient? Show the wrong opinion, get a thorazine shot. What would stop them? What is the limiting principle to this group? In fact, you can imagine CNN doctors explaining the nation would much safer if the mentally-ill on the extreme right got the treatment they needed and stopped spreading their conspiracy theories, so forcing psychotropic meds on them is an urgent issue of public health,” he said.

Carlson took this idea further to show the emerging dystopia coming into reality under the guise of protecting America’s public health.

“What if a school counselor convinced your six year old to change their genders and accept chemical castration? At this point, why should you be allowed to stop that? Why should citizens have any say? You are not a doctor after all, you are just a parent, and you do not have power,” he said.

“If you no longer have power over your own body – and thanks to the mandates they have created, this is the case – what gives you the power to control your child’s body? That is a great question,” Carlson said, adding that the most heinous crimes in United States history have been about protecting public health.

Watch the video here:

We have reported on the psychotic fantasies of the elites who want to use COVID-19 to form their satanic anti-white new world order and remove civil liberties forever:

“The late engineer of globalism David Rockefeller said during a UN dinner: “All we need is the right crisis and the world will accept the New World Order.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire