What Biden Did To Murdered Troops Sparks Nationwide Outrage

President Biden came under criticism on Sunday for seeming to look at his watch while he was at the dignified transfer of the 13 American troops who died during an ISIS attack on the Kabul airport late last week.

“President Biden stood with his hand over his heart, for moments with his eyes shut, for the dignified transfer of the troops killed in the Kabul attack,” Bloomberg News journalist Jennifer Jacobs tweeted. “Around 3 dozen relatives were in chairs, in President Biden’s line of sight. One family member’s crying could be heard.”

Toward the close of the event, Biden was seen on camera seeming to quickly look at his watch while removing his hand from his heart. This is a terrible display of an unsympathetic mindset about the most sensitive topic that should affect us all. Imagine if this were your son or daughter in these caskets and Biden pulled this stunt.

Republican Congressman Ronny Jackson (from TX) replied, “Supposedly our President has better things on his schedule than honoring the 13 troops who died on his watch? I am DISGUSTED! God bless these American heroes and their family members. They deserve better.”

“President Biden looking at his watch during the dignified move of American Heroes who were slain by his incompetence,” Boris Epshteyn, a Trump team member, said via Twitter. “Despicable. Resign now.”

Retired Army Vet Samuel Williams said, “Looks as though he was being inconvenienced by respecting these American Heroes.”

“There is nothing more crucial than giving your respects to war heroes, Mr. President,” Nile Gardiner, a former aide to former British PM Margaret Thatcher said via Twitter.

“Looks like someone is anxious to get back to vacation,” reporter Ian Cheong said.

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee said via Twitter, “Many of us remember President Bush 41 looking at his watch during a debate and how terrible it looked. But this is more shocking.”

Lawyer Kurt Schlichter tweeted, “He has a more important place to be.”

“Woah. I am sorry but this is so wrong,” former Fox News host Trish Regan said. “I don’t care what your routine is. These Americans paid the ultimate price.”

Other note worthy tweets included:

Author: Blake Ambrose