What Just Happened In This Blue State Has Democrats Sweating Profusely

Republicans won in sweeping elections in Long Island this week, making gains that New York’s political elite did not expect.

Republicans won county comptroller and executive races in the country of Nassau, a left-leaning bellwether that Joe Biden won by about 10 points in the recent presidential election.

The wins amount to a historic GOP gain in a usually blue area of a blue state. Long Island is not anywhere as progressive as NY City, but the area voted for Joe Biden in the 2020 election.

GOP District Attorney candidates beat Democrats in Suffolk and Nassau counties, the largest within Long Island. Assistant prosecutor Ray Tierney and Anne Donnelly cited their DNC opponents’ support for state bail reform laws, which has allowed people charged with seriously violent crimes to quickly leave jail before their trial, at times offending again. NY state has suffered from an uptick in violent crime as liberal local and state leaders create new legal privileges for these offenders.

Republicans are now set to flip four seats within the Suffolk County Legislature, possibly even getting control over the county government. The GOP bolstered their numbers in the legislature of Nassau County, which was already been under their control since before these elections

According to NY Young Republicans Club President Gavin Wax, the Republicans flipped all District Attorney seats in Long Island. Nassau County being the most heavily populated county on Long Island, which has a population of over eight million people.

The Republicans’ historic gains with white voters, seen in New Jersey and Virginia – a constituency with which the GOP struggled with during the 2020 presidential election- materialized in some fashion in Long Island back in 2021, with people alienated by DNC soft-on-crime policies and other issues.

In what might amount to the greatest shocker of recent times, Republicans continue to make progress toward the governor’s palace in the state, with Jack Ciattarelli fighting incumbent Democrat Phil Murphy in an election with margins of only a few thousands votes. A truck driver who spent only $153 on his campaign almost unseated the Dem Senate President of the state legislature.

Author: Scott Dowdy