Whistleblower Exposes Biden’s Darkest Secret — And Democrats Are Freaking Out

Over 16,000 illegals who were proven to be positive for coronavirus while in ICE custody were allowed into the country, according to a source inside the agency. The Biden White House did not ask for any of the migrants to get vaccinated before they were let go. The source tells us that this number only includes illegals who were actually tested by ICE.

The source, who was not authorized to talk to the media, says the migrants are aged from infants up to elderly. A DHS document reviewed by reporters shows the oldest migrants released were more than 85 years old. Almost 1,300 were younger than ten.

Almost 12,000 of the illegals who were positive for coronavirus and were allowed to go into the United States were between 18 and 40, over 11,800 were male, almost 1,300 were under ten, and over 6,000 were between 20 and 29.

According to this source, the releases happened in numerous cities across the U.S. between Jan. 2021 and early Oct.

These numbers do not include the untested illegals released by Border Patrol whose testing of migrants was restricted to unaccompanied children who are then turned over to the Dept. of Health and Human Services.

As we have reported, the Border Patrol depended on non-government groups to test migrants after they were released from detention. Many of these migrants were then released to self-quarantine in hotels at border cities.

The source states that the positive covid tests did not affect the decision to release the illegals. “With the pace of movement from Border Patrol, we tested, made them aware, and let them go to avoid enlarging the detained population,” the source said. “None of these migrants got the COVID-19 vaccine, voluntary or otherwise.”

The releases happened during a record-breaking time for illegals coming into the country through the southern border. The amount of apprehensions made at these border sectors this fiscal year was more than any past year dating back to the start of the Border Patrol in 1924.

As reported by us, almost 2 million captures were made by border officials nationwide in fiscal year 2021.

Author: Scott Dowdy