White House Brings Covid-19 Back In A Huge Way

Democrats have taken up the COVID-19 panic porn drum once more, after a long absence.

The White House’s Spokesditz, Jen Psaki, got back on the COVID train and — to the amazement of no one who has ever taken note of Democrats — attempted to squeeze more money from taxpayers.

More from ABC News:

“In recent weeks, the White House has lobbied for Congress to provide more funding toward COVID-19 projects that were on the verge of being slashed. Senators have introduced a new bill for $10 billion.”

“The package, which sets aside money to boost the country’s testing infrastructure and the creation of new, unique vaccines, falls considerably short of the White House’s $22.5 billion requests.” 

“Mitt Romney, the senator who has been leading negotiations on behalf of Republicans, announced that the new money would be offset entirely, meeting Republican demands to only use federal funds that had been previously authorized rather than creating any more.”

The fact that we have already been taxed is supposed to make us feel better. We’re talking about the federal government here, so it’s likely that the cash will be squandered. The federal leviathan has a habit of spending money like young Kennedy cousins: lavishly and nonsensically.

Here’s a fantastic idea for you highway robbers: why not give back to the people you robbed?

I said last year — when the delta variant was just a glimmer in Papa COVID’s eye — that the Democrats would keep using the variants for as long as possible to maintain power. I was writing about mandates at the time, but there’s only so much I can say in one blog post. We’re all aware of how a single inch may develop into a mile thanks to them.

These viruses, on the other hand, are always evolving. It’s the gift that keeps on giving for Democrats because it’s a never-ending crisis. They believe they have the public’s attention span, just like Biden. Psaki discusses how this new variation is more transmissible. So was omicron in the end. To Democrats’ despair, it wasn’t a medical calamity that they had anticipated.

Sorry, Toots; your spooky tale will not be recounted around a dying campfire any longer. It’s now a bright day, and no one is afraid anymore.

Author: Steven Sinclaire