White House Demands Complete Loyalty From Democrats, Or Else

Democrat Senator Joe Manchin (WV) not only sent his Dem colleagues into a meltdown over his position on President Biden’s multi-trillion dollar program, he became the direct target of the White House’s anger as well.

White House media secretary Jen Psaki went for the jugular against West Virginia Democrat for announcing that he would not vote for Joe Biden’s BBB bill, sayin that Manchin had made an “inexplicable reversal” in a scathing comment.

“I had my reservations from the start when I heard about this five-and-half months ago,” Manchin said on Fox News. “I have always said this, if I can’t go home and explain it to West Virginians, I cannot vote for it. And I cannot vote to keep this legislation.”

His remarks started a far-left fire among Democrats, with Congresswoman Ilhan Omar outright saying he was pushing “bullsh-t.”

In a comment given this week, Psaki went after Senator Manchin for making remarks that were allegedly “at odds” with his past stance.

“Senator Joe Manchin’s comments this morning are at odds with his earlier discussions with President Biden, with White House team members, and with his own public comments. Weeks before, Senator Manchin committed to President Biden, at his Wilmington home, to support the BBB framework that the President then announced. Senator Joe Manchin pledged repeatedly to work on finalizing that ‘in good faith,” Psaki stated.

She said the senator had delivered to Joe Biden “in person and directly” a “written outline for a BBB bill that was the same scope and size as President Biden’s framework, and dealt with many of these same priorities.”

“While this framework was missing some priorities, we believed it might lead us to a compromise. Senator Manchin promised to keep conversations going, and to work to reach the common ground,” she recounted.

“If his comments on FOX mean an end to this effort, they represent an inexplicable and sudden reversal in his stance, and a braking of his commitments to President Biden and his colleagues,” Psaki said.

“But the plan is completely paid for, it is the most fiscally responsible bill that the Congress has considered in many years, and lowers the deficit in the long run,” she sai.

Author: Steven Sinclaire