White House Mocks Rising Prices — Says This Is More Important

The White House has downplayed the increasing energy prices in the United States and globally this week, saying that the climate crisis was even more important.

“Certainly, we all would like to see gasoline prices low, but these threats of the crisis — the climate change crisis — certainly we can’t wait anymore,” White House media secretary Jen Psaki said to reporters this week.

She added that President Biden thinks climate change is among “one of the top national security problems” facing the United States, suggesting that worse prices were a needed consequence of the battle against fake global warming.

Both the United States and international measures for oil briefly hit multi-year highs during the week and stayed high after the Organization for Petroleum Exporting Countries (also known as OPEC) and its Russian counterpart chose not to boost production. Natural gas prices also increased to their highest number in over a decade while volatility reached an all-time record.

Oil and natural gas both make up a vast majority of United States energy created, according to the Energy Information Administration.

But some people blamed the quick shift away from fossil fuels to new renewable energy investments for the boosting prices and borderline energy crisis, The NY Times reported.

“The energy move is not being done properly,” OPEC official Mohammad Barkindo said during a conference this week, according to a report from Bloomberg. “And so we are starting to see the consequences.”

In November, the UN will have a major climate conference where leaders are thought to agree to boost efforts to fight climate change and try to curb future emissions.

Psaki stated that the White House hoped that high energy prices would not lead leaders from Europe and Asia to talk during the November conference about costs more so than climate.

This comes at a time when China is allowed to pollute without consequences and without Democrats even mentioning their possible affect on so-called global warming. The American left, along with their EU counterparts are using the global warming agenda to push their liberal policies forward under the guise of a disaster that never actually arrives.

Author: Blake Ambrose