White House Panics And Fumes As Democrats Turn On Them

Senator Joe Manchin deciding not to vote for Biden’s $1.75 trillion Build Back Better spending bill was not entirely unexpected. The Biden team and their liberal allies could not hold back their disappointment and anger. Biden Spokesperson Jen Psaki gave this harsh response to Manchin’s announcement.

“Senator Manchin’s remarks this morning on FOX go against his discussions this week with the President, with White House team members, and with his own public discussions. Weeks ago, Senator Manchin committed to President Biden, at his Wilmington home, to support the Build Back Better framework that President Biden then announced. Senator Manchin promised repeatedly to negotiate on finalizing the framework “in good faith.”

Biden and Manchin seemed to be headed toward a compromise earlier last week. But now, Manchin, in good conscience, simply can not support the huge government spending on top of the $5 trillion that has already been appropriated — not with inflation increasing and with no end in sight to the covid pandemic.


“In unveiling his opposition, Manchin raised the same issues about the bill that he has had all along: inflation, increasing debt and a mismatch between the program’s 10-year funding and its near-term programs. But until Sunday, Manchin never took a hard stance on the law. In the previous week, he has spoken directly to Joe Biden numerous times, with the president and other Dems furiously lobbying to have him support the bill.”

Psaki’s caustic remarks about Manchin’s doublecross were mild when compared to the fury of the progressive far-left. Bernie Sanders revealed his bitter old manness.

“Well, I believe he is going to have lots of explaining to do for the people of West Virginia, to tell him why he does not have the guts to fight the drug companies to lower the cost of prescriptions,” he said. “West Virginia is among one of the poorest states in the nation. You have elderly people and disabled who would like to stay at home. He is going to tell the people of West Virginia why he does not want to expand Medicare to cover eyeglasses, dental and hearing.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire