White House Physician Starts Making Demands — Will Biden Cave?

Republican Congressman Ronny Jackson (TX), the former physician to former Presidents Obama and Trump, sent a letter to President Biden this week demanding that he immediately take a cognitive test due to his “mental forgetfulness becoming more apparent over eighteen months.”

The letter — which was also signed by over a dozen lawmakers, including another doctor — told the President that he should “follow the precedent set by Trump to demonstrate and document mental abilities.”

“The American public should have total confidence in their leader., the letter says. “They want and deserve to see he can perform as Commander in Chief. They deserve complete transparency on the mental abilities of their top elected leader. To get this, we ask you to undergo a cognitive test. We urge you to then release the test results publicly, so the people know the full intellectual and mental health of their President, and to set the example for all Presidents to accept going forward.”

The letter then goes on to mention the numerous times when Biden seemed to have struggles:

“Previously, during your campaign, you accepted a similar assessment. At first, you “got testy” and asked “why the hell would I accept a test,” according to reports. Later, you gave in and announced you were “willing to allow the American public to judge my mental and physical fitness and to make a judgement about myself.”


The letter then went on to document more times when Biden struggled:

“Your mental decline have become more evident over the recent eighteen months. In March, you forgot the name of the Department of Defense, the Pentagon and your own Defense Secretary, even though you had said “Secretary Austin” only moments before.”

The letter also mentioned how Democrats have said there is a chance that “there will be future times when the president’s mental state might create problems for us” and that Democrats should propose legislation to create an independent commission to investigate a president’s fitness to decide “if the President is mentally unable to use the duties and powers of the office.”

Author: Blake Ambrose