White House Secretly Lets a Spanish Message ‘Slip Out’

National Security Council adviser Roberta Jacobson has mistakenly informed illegals that the border was open, during her press briefing this week.

During the event, Jacobson used Spanish and said, “the border IS NOT closed.” After someone gave her a piece of paper later on, Jacobson corrected her comment to the Spanish version of “the border IS closed.”

Press secretary Jen Psaki was questioned about the slip up during the press briefing, as a reporter highlighted Jacobson’s comment could be heard by Spanish-speaking migrants.

“Well, since she also said the border was closed, we are hopeful that is how it will be seen. And that has always been our message,” Psaki stated.

Jacobson admitted the Biden team was struggling with “mixed messages” by trying to encourage hope among possible migrants for a path into America while also reminding them of the problems of the road to get here.

Also this week, Psaki informed reporters “we are not attempting to close our borders” and said the priority was to “establish a moral and effective system.”

Jacobson blamed the rise of migrants under President Biden on the “hope” of a new administration compared to former President Trump along with smugglers spreading “disinformation” about President Biden’s new policies.

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