Woman Who Testified Against Trump Has a Stunning Link To The Deep State

The political Venn diagram revealing a Russian-American and the DNC in the Trump-Russia scandal just officially tacked on another notorious name. In fact, it is why Fiona Hill’s name is now trending on Twitter and why liberals are trying to desperately rehabilitate her image.

Fiona was the selfless Democrat who testified against the evil President Trump during the notorious Trump-Ukraine “Phone Call” scandal.

As Vox breathlessly reported during the event, Fiona Hill “met for nine hours with congressional staff during the House Dem-led impeachment, started by allegations from a whistleblower who stated that Trump connected held-up military aid that Ukraine wanted to begin an investigation into Biden’s family.” “That is a huge deal,” the publication said.

Hill, who is a leftover from the last administration and a Brookings Institute member, helped frame the Donald Trump impeachment by pushing the idea that his Phone Call was worthy of impeachment. We can only guess she wanted to torpedo Trump’s White House because her first try did not seem to work.

Well, now it turns out that she introduced the two architects of the fake Trump/Russia scandal to each other.

Fiona’s co-worker and friend at the Brookings Institution was Igor Danchenko. Fiona also had connections to Christopher Steele. She introduced both of them. And like that, Igor was partnering with Steele to create fake stuff for the Steele Dossier.

But Fiona’s friends Christopher and Igor did more than this. Igor got the “intel” for the Trump “dossier” from a Clinton P.R. guru.

Just throwing ideas out here, but I am guessing old Fiona and her friends are connected to the P.R. guy too.

The Democrats have never worked so hard to defeat a president as they did, and still do, to defeat President Trump. In fact, even mainstream Republicans join them in this quest to destroy the former president.

Why is this the case? Some might simply say they are simply crazy. But if you look at the political rhetoric, you will see that Trump is the only politician to speak about deportations as an agenda. This would go against Democrats’ one and only goal of mass-immigration as a weapon against white conservatives. And that is why they worked so hard to destroy the Trump White House.

Author: Steven Sinclaire