WWIII Is Officially Unavoidable Thanks To Biden’s Latest Move

Biden this week enacted an executive order issuing a “national emergency” over the threat from Russia, as his White House put new sanctions on the nation.

The State Department said it is expelling 10 Russian officials.

“Today, we unveiled actions to keep the Russian Government accountable for the SolarWinds incident, reports of bounties on American soldiers within Afghanistan, and interference with the 2020 elections., Secretary of State Antony Blinken said.

The White House also published a letter to Congress saying that Biden has issued “an Executive Order issuing an emergency regarding the extraordinary and unusual threat to America’s national security and economy posed by activities of the Russian Federation.”

The letter claimed that Russia tried to “undermine the free and fair elections., engaged in “malicious cyber activities., targeted dissenters and journalists outside of its borders, and broke international law.

The Biden administration’s tough stance comes as tensions have increased between the two nations during Biden’s first three months. Biden called Putin a killer during their first interview after Biden being sworn in. Putin was so upset about the comment that he left quarantine, got a COVID vaccination and ordered 28,000 Russian troops to the Ukraine border.

Russian planes also made their way close to allied airspace, forcing NATO to launch 10 jets to intercept them as they flew over the North Atlantic Ocean, a rare forceful showing in the Arctic.

When three Russian submarines broke through the Arctic ice in an exercise in late March, the Pentagon noticed and Putin praised the achievement.

“We’re watching things very closely. Nobody wants the Arctic to become militarized., Defense Department spokesman John Kirby said to reporters at the Pentagon.

The tensions between the Russia and the U.S. is worrying experts, causing them to predict a new “Cold War.”


Author: Steven Sinclaire

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