Youngest GOP Member Responds To Left-Wing Conspiracies About Him

Republican North Carolina Representative Madison Cawthorn criticized the people that are promoting false rumors that are related to how he first met his wife after a new announcement that the two would soon separate.

“Left-wing losers are still bitter over their now debunked Russia Hoax and are spreading many lies about me,” Rep. Madison Cawthorn said on Twitter this week. “They love to slam all these ‘conspiracy theories.’ However, they are the real conspiracy theorists,” Cawthorn claimed.

“These people are really unwell,” Cawthorn said following tweet which had included some screenshots of others’ Twitter posts that was related to the interview he was in with the Daily Caller back in June of 2020.

The claims and rumors that have been posted to Twitter are related to the story that Madison Cawthorn discussed with the Daily Caller about how he had met his wife, Cristina Bayardelle.


Among those who were speculating were Grant Stern of Occupy Dems, Fred Wellman of The Lincoln Project and Peter Strzok, who is a former FBI agent and the main person in the probe that’s surrounding the accusations that former Pres. Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign had colluded with Russia.

“When my spouse Cristina and I got engaged to be married, I was not yet a member of Congress. I was feeling like I was being called to serve and we discussed it with one another and both of us agreed that I should try to run for election,” Cawthorn said in a December 22 statement regarding their separation. “The victory we had was truly a remarkable one, but overnight our lives had changed. And that change has been both difficult and hectic, it is neither the lifestyle nor the pace which we had ever planned for.”

Republican Cawthorn won his election for the seat in the House in 2020 by a large margin of 12 points, defeating Dem candidate Moe Davis and two other third-party challengers. He was one of the Republicans that objected to have the 2020 election certified, announcing his choice to do so in a post he made on his Facebook account.

Author: Scott Dowdy