You’re Not Allowed To Say “Mother” In Biden’s America

There’s so much insane woke-ism and it probably will be hard to say what the worst one is.

But you might say that labeling mothers “birthing people” is way up there on the insane meter.

I guess I do not understand why you just cannot say they are mothers since that is what we have been calling them since history began. But then I suspect I belong to the always un-woke group.

But when you label them “birthing people” and not mothers, are you not essentially removing the women who are mothers? Who are you recognizing when this term is used? And how is this helpful to women?

All this nonsense used to be on the fringe, even in universities. Now, it is mainstream and it has been spreading all over Washington, even the military is not exempt.

“To aid this high amount of maternal mortality and racial disparities among birthing people—and on top of the maternal health included within the American Families Plan”

“Follow the science,” we are told. But then these Democrats want to refuse basic biology.

I am also starting to believe they don’t know what the word “maternal” means, or they would have removed it too.

We have reported in the past of changes like this when Congressional rules removed all gender-based terms and Congressman Cori Bush used the phrase birthing people.

But this is only the beginning. You also have phrases like “chestfeeding” instead of breastfeeding.

The point of this is to not offend mentally ill people who believe they are women. If Democrats want to talk about a “patriarchy,” why are we not discussing Biden slapping away the gift of being able to give life? I guess we should cancel Mother’s Day too?

With all the issues Biden has, this is the type of thing that he is forcing into his budget and about which he is worried about?

He should focus more on calling out anti-white hatred, protecting our borders, competing with China and solving America’s financial problems. But if he did those things, he would not be the radical leftist we all know he is.

Author: Steven Sinclaire