Youtube Censors Joe Rogan Interview With The Inventor Of mRNA

Big Tech monopoly and far-left YouTube has now removed Joe Rogan’s new and controversial interview with Robert Malone, the man widely said the be the inventor of the mRNA technology used inside several of the covid vaccines.

Malone is now a skeptic of universal vaccination, instead pushing that smaller demographics should get the medicine instead of the overall public.

Malone’s entire interview with Rogan is still available on the free speech streaming website Rumble. Segments of the interview with Malone were removed from the Google-owned platform this Saturday. The complete interview had not been uploaded on the YouTube platform, with Rogan is now uploading full shows of his podcast on Spotify.

Malone was suspended from Twitter just last week, with the platform saying that the former US Army and Harvard virologist was spreading misinformation connected to covid-19. Malone has recently focused on being against vaccine mandates aimed at children, who have an even better immune system than adults do and who almost never die from covid-19. Malone has stressed that some people report negative medical side effects because of the experimental vaccines.

Talking with Rogan, Malone had accused America have developing a “mass formation psychosis” about vaccination and covid-19, comparing the nation to Nazi Germany.

“When you have a society that became decoupled from one another and has free-floating anxiety in a sense that things do not make sense, we cannot understand it. And then their attention gets used by a leader or some set of events on one small issue just like hypnosis. They literally get hypnotized and can be led anywhere the leaders want.”

This censorship comes at a time when Democrats are pushing for more widespread removal of conservatives on all tech platforms they currently control. With Donald Trump preparing to launch his social network known as “Truth Social.”

Meanwhile, Congresswoman Majorie Taylor Greene was just removed from Twitter for “spreading miss-information” about covid-19 according to Twitter employees.

Malone’s take that country is hypnotized seems to be a good one. We can only keep fighting as Democrats further prove themselves incompetent as time goes on.

Author: Scott Dowdy